We Are ?

We, CWC (Chennai Weekend Clickers) is a community with a passion for Photography. We discuss, decide and head towards a destination every week. The process has gained sustainability through a hardcore passion for the art. The core reason for our success is CWC’s transparency. It is evident in whatever we do and the fruit is the ever growing member count. Our members are mainly working professionals and students who are in no way connected to each other in terms of work life, the only factor which binds us is photography.

Well, this one is not a clichéd stuff. It all started with an informal meeting between three photo enthusiasts’ in 2009 and now we are a 30,000+ members community. Though the city has got many photography clubs, we are the most active amongst them. The point of inception is when the ideas are either stable and running or it in most of the cases may go the other way round. So, if you’re a member of our club, you are just like any other person in the community who has put that extra step to make it count. Striving for passion is hard and our guys do it finesse.

How Did
This Start ?

How Different
Are We ?

The difference comes from the moment you consider yourself one. Yes, we wish to stand out amongst other communities and our one and only arsenal is passion. We stand in a territory which is in between enthusiasm and passion and we are running towards the good end. Interested to run with us? The next probable step for you is to follow our group on the internet. Google us and you’ll know if the text you are reading now is a modesty daubed version or not! We believe in community! 

How Can You
Join Us ?

We operate in a photo sharing community called Flickr, Yahoo. You can just add yourself to the group if you own a Flickr account.